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The sun is shinning and spring is approaching!!  Spring = sunglasses, sunglasses, and even more sunglasses. Spring also means spring cleaning, right? Do you have too many things in your households, or just a few extra items someone else could use? One place that’s sure to be hiding some extra assets might be your CLOSET ( cue the scary music).

Not my closet, were literally the words I had spoken 5 months ago, then it took me an additional  2 months  to actually take  some much-needed action. In the end, I purged many  valuables, furniture, and some of  my most treasured outfits! The thought of departing from  my favorite things was unbearable at times. But, I quickly recalled all the past opportunities I had been allotted, so I dug down deep to benefit others.

What I learned? I didn’t need ANY money to help others, all I needed was creativity and a big HEART.  In addition, the entire experience has given me a great story to share with my Bites of Style family  .Small sacrifices  can make  a big impact for others.

This weekend, I would love for everyone to take 10 minutes ( put on your favorite chic glasses), and  search your home for new & great condition items to give to others. **Remember dig down deep  in your heart*** God says,” it is better to give than to receive.”  So give and give some MORE.

Carmen Marc Valco and Brandy Sebastian Bites of Style Sunglasses ( Photo Thomas Garza Photography)
Carmen Marc Valco and Brandy Sebastian Bites of Style Sunglasses ( Photo Thomas Garza Photography)

Designer Carmen Marc Valvo is not only a talented  designer, but he lives to give back to others. When he’s not planting beautiful blooms  in his New York city  garden, he’s planting seeds of confidence in women of all ages. During my  interview with Mr. Valvo, he graciously schooled me on Italian fabrics, while encouraging me to try on his personal eyeglasses! I was SPEECHLESS ( photo proof above) !!  Who knew eyewear could be so chic?

Although I enjoyed talking about ” fabrics, gardening and eyewear” with Mr. Valvo,  I was most impressed with his character.  “I  have never been concerned with being seen at the hottest party.  Networking is fine, but there’s a limit.  Never get caught up in all the noise surrounding parties, Valvo insisted. ” I rather enjoy an intimate conversation with friends or family, throw a magnificent dinner party, prepare my garden, and inspire others.”

Months later, Mr. Valvo generously  gifted me three gorgeous sunglasses which I decided to ” gift back” to others.  The BOS Facebook winners have never been happier!! See you never know what God has planned for you today, so please be inspired to  give wholeheartedly this week.

Here are a few spectacular glasses to inspire your search this weekend!!

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Brandy Sebastian

Bites of Style  Founder

Linde Slyer Via Pinterest
Lindie Slyer Via Pinterest
The cool via Pinterest
The cool via Pinterest
Ann Hathaway via Pinterest
Ann Hathaway via Pinterest
Jenna Lyons via Pinterest
Jenna Lyons via Pinterest

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  1. only1katieb says:

    I love this post! A couple of times a year I think I’ll sell some stuff on eBay or do a car boot and then I think, no I won’t I’ll give it to the charity shop, they can make a little money out of it and someone else can be getting use out of something I haven’t used in ages. So glad I have found someone on the same wave length 😉 Katie B @ Minerva Collection – UK Handbags & Jewellery

    1. Thanks only1Katieb. I have done eBay, & garage sales as well, but this year I am looking at things a little differently. I hope to inspire others to see giving back through a new stylish angle this month!

  2. Reblogged this on Bites of Style and commented:

    This weekend I was hit in the EYE..But today I can see clearly which is a MIRACLE.. So here’s some chic glasses inspiration to start your week off right. Full Story Of My Eye Sight Issue Coming Later Today..

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