Oscar Winner Ann Hathaway’s Haute Prada Dress

Is Ann Hathaway’s dress that bad? How many people helped her make this outfit choice? Can   you really go wrong with Prada?  Judge for yourself!

Ann Hathaway wearing Prada at the Oscars 2013 Photo Credit Getty Images
Ann Hathaway wearing Prada at the Oscars 2013 Photo Credit Getty Images

Fashion sources say she was supposed to wear Valentino, but she choose the Prada dress a few hours before the show.

I am guessing a  last-minute wardrobe change.. Maybe the Prada dress didn’t fit right or maybe someone else was wearing the same dress (gasp). Maybe she really liked this blush pink number? Is the reason really important?  No! But I am sure we are all a little curious to how this mishap happened..

What’s a girl to do?

Well  instead of spending your Monday trying to figure out this dress debacle, let’s instead see what lessons we can learn.  It’s Motivation Monday!!

Here are so great tips to keep you motivate all week long even in a fashion emergency.

1. Even stars have bad things happen to them. They have a million people helping them get dress, and mistakes like this still happen. I personally think the color washes her out and  the fact you can see her nipples is a turn off. Most importantly, I am sure Mrs. Hathaway had no idea her dress was so see-through! She takes fashion risk, but not those kinds of risk!!


2. Put your best foot forward and “work that red carpet”.  The show must go on!! The show, the parties, and the after-parties will not stop over Ann Hathaway’s dress disaster.. Yes we all want to look perfect; especially for a big event like the Oscars, but mistakes happen.  How many times have you thought you Haute, and then you see a photo and want to jump off a cliff? Yeah been there a few times..

3. It’s all about how you Recover-Embrace the mistake and move on.  I say all the time “my biggest mistakes have turned out to be my biggest miracles”. Ann Hathaway won an Oscar  last tonight. Because of her Prada dress? No! Because she is a great actress. If she would have focused on the red carpet critics she wouldn’t be able to enjoy her Oscar victory. Look at how happy she looks in the photo below.

I picture Ann dancing the night away with her peers, and hubby at all the Oscar after-parties… No matter what happens tomorrow, Mrs. Hathaway has won an Oscar and should be really proud.

Ann Hathaway and her husband at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party 2013 Photo Credit Getty Images
Ann Hathaway and her husband at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party 2013 Photo Credit Getty Images

Lesson to be Learned: Sometimes you just can’t get it right, but let’s not add to the negativity by talking about how much we don’t like this dress. Let’s rise above it and embrace the fact that sometimes you pick the wrong dress. Better to pick the wrong dress than the wrong mate.. Life goes on..

Motivational Thought For The Week: “Every moment is an opportunity to step into a new opportunity for greatness. Be great today and leave your mistakes in the past.”

Happy Monday Everyone


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