How To Valentines Day Flower On A Budget

Are you looking for a few ways to do V-Day on a budget? I hear you.. Seems flowers go sky high during this holiday season.. Well the stores are crazy, so if you have some cute paper and a can good , you can make this easy DIY project.


Here’s a quick DIY flower arrangement that can help you save a lot.

Valentines DIY Floral Arrangement Photo Credit Bites of Style
Valentines DIY Floral Arrangement Photo Credit Bites of Style

Here’s what you will need

  • 1 Bunch of Flowers- Tulips, Carnations, Gerber Daisies Whatever you want or can afford
  • A can good
  • wrapping paper or border/wall paper


First take the old paper off the can good. Next cut the wall paper or wrapping paper to fit the can. I used border paper on sale at Lowes. I just loved the black and white print and I have used it several times around the office. Finally use tape or glue to attach the paper to the can. Finally cut the flowers to fit in the vase and add water.


Total cost: $7.99 for 10 Tulips at Tom Thumb.  $3 for border paper , but I will be getting many uses out of this paper


What was great about this project was I was able to make 2 arrangements out of the flowers. I searched Walmart and local grocery stories and every vase was $5 or more.

Don’t have time to make a vase? Check your local Goodwill stores. I found great vases in all shapes in sizes from $2.65 to $5.75. I honestly seemed like every vase was marked that price no matter the quality, so find the best quality to get the most bang for your buck

Whether you spend a little or a lot it is really the thought that counts..

Happy Valentines Day everyone..



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