15 min with Makeup Artist Bobbi Brown

I was blessed to speak with the lovely Bobbi Brown during her Pretty Powerful Book tour.. This book is a must have for every women.  Pretty Powerful: Beauty Stories to Inspire Confidence, is the go-to guide for lasting beauty. Known for her instructional and engaging beauty and lifestyle advice, Bobbi shares powerful interviews with real women, celebrities and athletes about what beauty means to them, all with interesting and motivational stories to tell.

Bobbi Brown Snap Shoto ( Photo Credit: Bobbi Brown Cosmetics)
Bobbi Brown Snap Shoto ( Photo Credit: Bobbi Brown Cosmetics)

The book’s uplifting message is sure to brighten anyones day, along with giving you stellar makeup tips.

 Q: How did you select the women chosen to be in the book?

A: All of the women in the book have inspired me in their own special way. They come from all different backgrounds, are uniquely beautiful and have motivating life stories that are truly empowering. One of my favorite stories in the book is about author and motivational speaker Liz Murray and her power to transform her life, which was just amazing. When I read Liz’s book Breaking Night: From Homeless to Harvard, I couldn’t put it down – I was so moved by her story of growing up with drug-addicted parents, surviving homelessness and making it to Harvard. Despite the tough experiences Liz was handed in life, she has risen above it all and has made an incredible life for herself empowering other women. She has a saying that I know use as my own mantra: “So what, now what?” How powerful is that?


Q: What’s the greatest lesson you have learned in being a business woman?

A: Go with your gut, and try not to get overwhelmed. I also learned that you must always be nice. Hard work and niceness come back to you.

Q: Wow that’s pretty powerful. What advice do you have for women of all ages who are interested in getting into the beauty industry? Any particular path you advice them taking?

A: It depends on what you want to do. There are so many jobs in this industry. I do suggest you work hard, network as much as possible and, if you plan to launch a line, make sure it has a point of difference and fulfills a need.

Q: What are you hoping women learn from this book?

A: Well this is an easy one, mostly that we are all the same and that no woman thinks she is perfect. So instead of focusing on what you don’t like, celebrate what you do like.

Pretty Powerful can be purchased online and at book stores


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