Best Travel Tips From Claire Newell

Claire Newell Travel Expert ( Photo Credit: Claire Newell)
Claire Newell Travel Expert ( Photo Credit: Claire Newell)

Even though the holidays are behind us, it’s still a great time to do some traveling. I am going to be traveling to the east coast this month and I am sure glad I found travel expert Claire Newell. Here tips are going to keep me on track during the new year.

Claire Newell is the official Travel consultant for Global BC and best-selling author of
Travel Best Bets – An Insider’s Guide to Taking Your Best Trips, Ever. Her second book
More Travel Best Bets is due to be released in 2013

Claire has appeared on The Today Show multiple times as well as Fox & Friends,
ABC News, Good Day New York and other U.S. & Canadian media programs & has some of the best tips out there on travel.

Here are some of her best tips


To save on airfare and beat the crowds, fly on actual holiday days like Christmas Day, New Year’s Day or Easter. Flights on these days tend to be lower prices and less busy.

  1. Email a scanned copy of your passport, driver’s license, travel documents and credit cards to yourself. That way, if something gets lost you can easily bring up electronic versions which can help speed up the replacement process.
  2. Conrad App
    Conrad Hotels & Resort Concierge App ( photo credit: conrad app)
  1. Download airline and hotel apps for easy access on the go. Conrad Hotels & Resorts newest appConrad Concierge, allows guests to do everything from ordering room service and choosing amenities to requesting extra pillows or booking a car from the airport. It’s the perfect way to fill time while waiting for a flight or taxi.
  1. To avoid lengthy airport delays, opt for one of the earliest available flights out. That way you are less likely to end up with a compounded delay because of all of the late flights before yours.
  1. For a quieter or roomier flight opt for the last flight out available to your destination. The last flight out often has empty seats because everyone usually tries to get on the earlier flights. This could mean more aisle seats and potential upgrades.
  1. If you face a delay or have a long connection – even if you don’t have a business or first class ticket – access an airport lounge.  These days many lounges allow you to buy a day pass which can be worth it for more comfortable seats, magazines, food, beverages & free Wi-Fi.  You can also consider buying a yearly pass to lounges around the world. allows access to hundreds of airport lounges for an annual fee of $99.
  1. Try to pack versatile clothes – things you won’t mind wearing more than once. My travel staples are always classic styles and neutral colors, such as white, black, cream and grey, which can be mixed and matched to create many different looks.

8.       When booking online never press confirm on the final price until you do a Google search for a promotion or coupon code first. You’d be surprised how many different options come up for airlines,hotels, car rental companies and cruises. The website lists thousands of promotion codes submitted by online shoppers.


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  1. Patricia Rovere says:

    claire Newell mentioned two days of the week that were the best days to book flights and I believe they were Monday/Tuesday or Tuesday/Wednesday. I am curious as I have forgotten.

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