What If

What to do about the what if’s in life.???. Well  A lot of times we get boggled down by the pressures of life and a lot of those pressures revolve around that popular question, What If?. Well what to do? Well first if you focus on the ” what if’s” they will drive you mad. Here’s a good example: What if I loose my job?

  • Well you could have to turn a few luxuries off
  • You might have to downsize your home
  • You will have to look for another one
  • You could loose your car or you might have a car you can’t afford to drive
  • If you have children you might have to cut out some of their extra activities and the list goes on and on and on.

No one wants to loose their job, but sometimes loosing things aren’t really that bad. Most times when we let go of things we gain something as well. If you believe God has a plan and purpose for you, loosing your job can be scary but just know a better one is coming a long. It might take two weeks or two years, but it’s coming!! This year be fearless and step out on faith and just let go.   It is smart to prepare, but don’t wrack your brain with  the what if’s when you could be spending time with your family and friends doing more and really enjoying life. Also try to see the lesson in loosing your job. Maybe it’s a job you hated, maybe you didn’t deserve to be laid off, maybe you just needed a break and loosing your job was a blessing in disguise. diana-dworczak The what if’s are just a part of life, but instead of worrying in 2012 and 2013  why not  try taking a leap of faith and see what happens. You might be surprised how  your life will change in the new year!! Give back more .. Do more.. Make sacrifices that really count… Small Sacrifices Big Impact  . I hope everyone will join me in taking the Small Sacrifices Count 6 Day Challenge… You can find more information at Small Sacrifices Count !!

Small Sacrifices Count PHoto Credit Rivera Dezigns
Small Sacrifices Count PHoto Credit Rivera Dezigns

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