3 DIY Holiday Hair Looks

It’s holiday time and time for you to turn out your holiday hair looks!  Here are three glamorous looks you can create at home to finish off your festive frocks.  These tips are Cutler Stylist, Kelsy Osterman

Veronica Lake waves. Sexy long wavy ponytail. Wind blown chignon. 
What do the three have in common? The all start in very similar ways! The key to any great long-lasting hairstyle is in the prep. If you skip this part.. kiss your look goodbye! 
To start, wash you hair to start with a clean base. I know… the talk of the town says “up styles work best on dirty hair”. Wrong! A dirty scalp can cause your hair to fall quicker than you’d like. Quickly add a great mousse (I like Redken Full Frame) that adds the appropriate amount of volume and texture to wet clean hair and presto.. a beautiful base minus the excess of oil. After blowing the product in with a paddle brush you can now bring out your hot tools. 
Chose your tool according to what kind of texture/wave you are looking to create. Hot rollers.. Curling iron.. Wand… All three are great options for at home styling. Use hot rollers and curling irons to create beautiful soft classic waves and switch it up with The Wand to create a tighter textured wave.  Section your hair into three circular sections starting on the crown of your head and the next two below. Another rule of thumb. Curling your hair horizontally will make a more classic look. Vertical curls will looks a touch more modern with less volume off the scalp. Take 2″ sections, spray a flexible hold hairspray, and curl hair starting at the root. Secure each section with a clippie if extended hold is needed. Release the clippies when your hair feels cool to the touch. Here is where the three hairstyle take a departure…


Look 1: Sienna Miller’s beautiful Veronica Lake inspired waves could be accomplished by setting the hair with hot roller horizontally through the sections. Simply release the rollers after they have had adequate time to cool and paddle brush the waves into place. Finish with a shine spray like Cutler Shine Tattoo Spray.

Kate Hudson Holiday Hair
Kate Hudson Holiday Hair
Look 2: Kate Hudson’s long wavy ponytail is super chic and a super quick option. Set you hair using a smaller Wand hot tool. After they have cooled rake your fingers through your hair and pull it back into a ponytail at the nape of your neck. Secure with an elastic. Conceal the elastic by wrapping a tiny piece of hair around it secured with a hair pin. Finish with medium hold hairspray.
Holiday Hair Chignon
Holiday Hair Chignon
Look 3: Classic Chignon Create a texture with any of the hot tools above. Simple rake your fingers through the cooled down curls and direct them to the center back of your head. Give the section a twist and secure with hair pins. Spray with a medium hold hairspray. Voila!
So remember.. Don’t be afraid to get your mousse on! Blow it in and set that hair. Creating successful up styles HAVE to start with a strong base. It will make your life much easier and the results will impress your fellow holiday party goers.

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