Date Night Style On A Budget

TGIF!!!  Looking cute is MUST , no matter the size of your budget. Whether you are going out with your girlfriends or your man. I have gotten so many compliments on my outfit worn in the photo below that I wanted to try to create the look on a budget. My outfit comes in at a whopping $1,400 but I manage to recreate this look for under $100. 

The key for recreating this outfit are the tights and a great statement necklace. You could have a red tunic, a blue tunic, and so one, but the necklace and tights make this outfit!! The grand total for my budget friendly look-$86 before tax. I will say the Lafayette148 New York top is worth the price as I now wear it as a top or a dress.

My Outfit

Brandy Voirin Founder of Bites Of Style Photo Credit Thomas Garza

Lafayette 148 NY $399 is now on sale for $248 

Clear Necklace $699 from Malouf’s in Southlake

Tights  Apt 9 From Kohl’s $6 on clearance

Shoes Tory Burch Wedges $205 but I scored mine for $90 on a great sale

Gold & Green Bracelet Neiman Marcus $150

Tunic Top- Target $26.99 This one is in grey, but it also comes in black and blue.

Tunic from Target Photo Credit

Statement Necklace- Clear Chain From Target for $12.24  My necklace was a loaner & really made my outfit pop, but I was honestly afraid I would break one of the glasses baubles.  The glass bauble necklace trend want be around forever, so I am not willing to invest $700 for this piece. I am thrilled to discover this find a Target at a Rock bottom price.

Clear Necklace Target $12.24

MUK LUKS Tights From Kohl’s $8.99-$16.00 My tights are textured pantyhose, but I really love the look of the ones below.

Tip: 1. Never spend too much on texture pantyhose as the run develop runners easily.

2. If you find your texture tights on sale by them in the same color & design. A few weeks after I wore these tights they developed a runner. Luckily I had an extra pair!!

3. Buy your tights at the end of Spring and Summer. This summer I found tons of tights on sale at Target for $2.50.

Grey Tights From Kohl’s

Blue Wedge- $25.99 Target also has these in black, but I really love the blue

Blue Wedges From Target


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