5 Min $5 DIY Closet Organization

Container Store Photo Credit


Our BOS Word of the day is Order-

Order- an authoritative direction or instruction;a condition in which each thing is properly disposed with reference to other things and to its purpose; methodical or harmonious arrangement

Whether your a mom, college student or single, keeping things in order can feel impossible. But did you realize keeping a little order in your life could actually  save you money? Now your listening, right?  Got 5 minutes to spare today? Well organize a section of your closet for $5 or  less. I have tried putting my scarves in a drawer with my gloves, but I always end up loosing one. I would love to have my closet to look super neat like the  photo below, but I just can’t afford the Elfa especially with the holidays coming up.

What to do? Wait or organize and save money?  I learned that using shower curtain rings to organize your closets accessories can save you a lot of money.

Why hang your belts, scarves, purses and gloves?

Five Min $5 Accessory Organization by Bites Of Style

Well not only does it give you a great visual look, but it also helps you realize what you have in your closet. I find tons of items on sale, but whether it’s on sale or not, you don’t need 5 of the exact same red gloves


Money Saving Tip

1. Don’t buy things you don’t need- Today I discovered I have 7 black belts ( Oops)

Finding things on sale are great, but I will never have use 7 black belts. ( time to donate)

2. Don’t buy items you can recreate yourself- The Container has a tie rack which can also hold scarves..But I can only store 5 scarves total for $30. The curtain rings above can store 3-6 items PER ring.

How Much For The Closet Redo 


Decorative Hooks From Target $9.99 Photo Credit Target.com


Basic Hooks : $7.99 for 12

Decorative hooks are $9.99 for 12

Money Saving Tip -Try your local Ross or Big Lots stores for clearance rings and hooks. I found my basic shower rings for $5.

Not sure what to do with gloves or items that can’t be hung? Use pant hangers already in your closet to hang gloves and hats. You can also see what you are missing.

Glove Organization Bites of Style Photo Credit

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