ReOrganize Your MakeUp Counter For Under $2

I love organizing my makeup products. Every year around January during the Elfa Sale, I buy tons of storage containers like this one.

Container Store Clear Containers $5.99-$8.99

But as time goes on I start to throw things on top of the counter similar to this one. Instead of being a Makeup Box It becomes a Catch All Box. Anything big enough to fit in the box starts to find it’s way in the box. For example the mirror

( now how did that get in there)

Brandy’s Makeup Catch All box

Every time I open it I have the hardest time finding what I needed, So I thought maybe I should just buy one of those makeup organizer from the Container Store for $12.99 OR

Container Store MakeUp Organizer for $12.99

Save a LOT of money and find a better solution. I scored a few pencil boxes at Target for $1 during school supply time ,and if you go back now you might find them on clearance for $.68 which is a steal.( Especially since they work)

Bath Products Organized By Brandy Voirin

I also bought some similar ones from Office Max for $1, but the lids don’t close properly. The ones from Target are a winner. They hold everything perfectly in place, and are stackable. You can shake them upside down and they want open. I gave my two year old the dud box from Office Max and organized my make up boxes with the $68 cents ones from Target.

Stackable Pencil Boxes from Target used as Make Up Organizers Photo Credit Brandy Voirin

Even if you can’t find these at Target, check Office Max for this box pictured here for $3.49. Even if you need to buy 2, it’s still more affordable then the $16.99 organizer from the container store. I plan to buy a ton of these and use them for my bracelets, and other items. Such a cleaver idea that saves you time and money.

Office Max Pencil Box Organizer $3.49

Here are my top tips

1. Buy small containers- Even though my larger container was cheaper than the makeup organizer, it was too large for what I needed to use it for.

2. Buy sturdy containers with good lids that lock in place

3. A clear container with a colorful lid is the perfect way to see what’s in your makeup box and add some color to your bathroom.

DIY Tip: You can also spray paint the containers if you don’t like the colors. Sometimes when you find things on clearance they are in really odd colors.

The pencil boxes are very sturdy and want fall over, but you could always store them in a bigger container like these under your container.

This Bin is From Costco. I got 6 of these for 19.99
This Bin is From Target $1

Got an organizational question that revolves around beauty or fashion?  Post your questions here


3 Comments Add yours

  1. But where do you store the containers? Do you stack them on your vanity? Or do you put them back in the drawers? Or where are they all?

    1. Photos have been added. Another reason pencil boxes work for me is I have a 2 year-old boy that likes to grab my brushes and expensive creams out of my makeup box or organizer every time he’s in the bathroom. Now when I finish uses I product I put it back in its place, close the lid and stack it on the counter or under the cabinet. Either way my two year old will not be putting my luxurious creams in his hair.

  2. Great question MadelynMiller. I don’t have a lot of bathroom counter space, so I stack these containers under my bathroom sink. You can also stack them on top of your counters as well. The other containers I purchase last year worked, but when you have a lot of small objects its best to use smaller containers. The larger container I plan to store my brush, mirror, combs and e.t..c I have a lot of small blushes , lipsticks and face creams and these pencil boxes from target are perfect for housing these items. If you are afraid all the containers will fall over under the sink you could store them in a crate to keep them all in place. Standby for a photo

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