3 Ways To Mix A Summer Staple With A Fall Item

Have you ever bought an item of clothing just for ONE occasion? Yes this has happen to  me too. It happens  a lot in my house, but I also buy a lot of the SAME color. The great part about most clothing stores is most have a great return policy. So here are my tips if this happens to you.

1. Don’t wait longer than a week to start mixing and matching your outfits with your new piece of clothing

2. Your new item must go with at least 3 pieces of clothing already in your closet

3. Take pictures of your outfits

4. Use the outfits you put together.  Make sure the next time you wear the item you wear it in a different way

5. Mix your high and low end items together and you will always look Expensive and Put Together.  My $6 top bought on clearance has last 2 years, $1 Bow Tie, $200 Sunglasses, $8o Dress. High + Low+ Make the perfect combination

Making Outfits

Step 1. Find a summer item- My summer item is my orange and cream pleated mini skirt from Banana Republic Heritage Line

Step 2. Mix in the new fall item: Pink stripe boyfriend cardigan from Target $19.99

Outfit 1

Use the colors in the fall item or the summer item- For example: I used the pink in the sweater and placed it with a pink cami from Target-

Why It Works: It works because along with bringing out the primary color .You can also tie the sweater or wear it loose

Photo Credit Brandy Voirin
Outfit 1 Pink Cami from Target Photo Credit BOS

Outfit 2: Nude Jewel Top  + Summer Skirt + Fall Pink Sweater  

Accessories: Carmen Marc Valvo Sunglasses $150 & JC Penney Clearance Bow Tie worn as a headband for $1. My $1 bow tie which retailed for $20 isn’t as thick as my $55 Brooks Brothers Bow Tie, but it’s the cheapest head band I have ever bought and works great as a bow tie.

Why it Works: Nude Jewel Top is a great way to bring in the natural colors of the skirt, without looking naked or washed out.

Fashion Tip: If you can’t find a nude top with a necklace attached just make sure you wear your nude top with a beautiful necklace. The necklace attached to my top has brown, clear, and grey  jewels. I scored this top on clearance at JCPenney’s 2 years ago for $ 6.99 and it’s now a staple in my closet

Brandy Voirin Thomas Garza Photo Credit
Pink Sweater  Striking A Pose Brandy Voirin Photo Credit BOS

Outfit 3- White Dress  + Bow Tie – Jennifer Lopez For Kohl’s Dress $79.99 and JC Penney Bow Tie on clearance for $1 

The sweater was big enough that I could put a long sleeves dress underneath. You could also do the same thing with a white top, but my mottos is “use what you have in your closet.” I also love getting double duty out of the bow tie

Brandy Voirin Photo Credit BOS
Brandy Voirin Outfit2 Photo Credit BOS

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