Quick an Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

Here are a few of my favorite DIY Costumes, some take a lot of patience, but they are all fun.  These Costumes were found on Parents Magazine. There are a lot more so take a look if you don’t find what you need here

Little Owl Zadie May Jones: Mom Joanne Jones Photo Credit Jami Saunders

What you’ll need Brown long-sleeved shirt, brown leggings, paper and pencil, scissors, 5 different colors of felt (enough for 25 or so feathers), hot-glue gun, needle and thread &  yarn

Make it:
1. Body: Make a leaf-shaped feather template, and cut out the feathers from the felt. Glue or stitch the top of each feather to the shirt starting with the bottom row and working your way up. Alternate colors so each row has five different colors in a different order. When you get to the neckline, glue or stitch feathers in a circle around the neck.
2. Make a template for the mask with a piece of paper. From the template, cut the owl mask out of the dark brown felt.
3. Cut two large circles out of the light brown felt for the eyes. Cut out a hole about the size of a 50-cent piece for each eye. Glue or stitch the light brown circles to the dark brown felt.
4. Cut out a yellow-felt triangle for the owl’s beak. Stitch or glue the triangle in between the eyes.
5. Make a small slit in either side of the ma

Cosmic Astronaut. I love this one because it’s so easy until you get to the helmet, however it’s still worth a try.

Astronaut Mom Jade Doskow Photo Credit Jami Saunders

Pair of footed pajamas with zipper, duct tape, scissors, twine, a clear acrylic globe ($23; 1000bulbs.com), rotary tool, drill, screws, 2 small sink strainers, bib, Velcro

Make it:
1. Space suit: Lay the pajamas flat on a table and cover with strips of duct tape, smoothing out bumps and wrinkles as you go. To create a ribbed effect on the arms and legs, put twine under the tape (3 pieces on each strip).
2. Helmet: Use a rotary tool and cut out a quarter of a clear, rimless acrylic globe, to allow easy breathing and quick removal. Carefully drill two holes on the top of helmet and screw on two sink strainers for antennas. On the inside of the helmet, put a few small squares of duct tape over the screws.
3. Chest plate: Cover bib with duct tape. Line the neck edge and edge of globe with opposite sides of Velcro (this helps keep the helmet on). Add space-related embellishment if desired.

Halloween Chicken Costume Photo Credit Jami Saunders

Spunky Chicken By Shari Sinha

What you’ll need Long-sleeved yellow shirt, leggings, black shoes, red cap, white feather boa, 3 yellow-and-orange feather boas, safety pins or needle and thread, red felt, hot-glue gun, yellow rubber gloves

Make it:
1. Dress child in long-sleeved yellow shirt and wrap 2 yellow-and-orange feather boas around the bottom horizontally, pinning or stitching in place as you go. Attach white boa to upper chest. Cut third yellow boa in half, wrap tape around cut ends, and attach to sleeves.
2. To make the comb, cut 2 rectangles of red felt, and scallop the top edges (3 to 4 bumps). Glue the top and side edges together leaving the bottom open. Glue the base of the comb to hat.
3. Stuff cotton balls into the middle three fingers of each glove. Push the thumb and pinky fingers in, so they’re not visible. Cut the arm part of the glove down the middle and tie around the back of the shoe with the two lengths you just created.

Wild Cat – The wild cat costume pictured was not a DIY project, but I feel you could recreate this look by following these steps

1. Dress your child in all brown or white

2. Find a chic fur vest

3. Find a head band with cat ears, draw whiskers, and nose with eyeliner

Child Lulu Chamness Mom Mary Hermant Photo Credit Jami Saunders For Parenting Magazine

Rocket Man

Rocket Man Photo Credit Jami Saunders

 What you’ll need 5 yards aluminum-covered bubble insulation, metal-insulation tape, 1 yard each red, orange, and yellow felt, hot-glue gun

Make it:
1. Cut a piece of insulation the height of your child, that will fit comfortably around him. Cut a circle for the face about 8″ down from the top. Cut out holes for arms. The bottom of the rocket should be about 2′” above the ground, for easy walking.
2. Cut flames from felt. Glue along the bottom of the insulation.
3. Make into a tube and seal along the back with metal-insulation tape.
4. Hat: Cut a rectangle of the insulation and wrap into a cone shape. Tape down the seam and hot-glue to the top of rocket tube. (If your cone is just bigger than the circumference of the body tube, it will fit snuggly without any adhesive needed.)

Fiery Lion Mom Amy Pereia Photo Credit Jami Saunders

Fiery Lion

What you’ll need Black sweatpants and sweatshirt, white, orange and black felt, scissors, hot-glue gun or needle and thread, batting, tiger mask

Make it:
1. Body: Cut out white felt oval for the tummy and glue or sew to the front of the sweatshirt. Cut orange and black felt into tiger stripes and glue or sew them around the sides of the sweatshirt, overlapping the white oval. Glue or sew orange stripes around arms and legs.
2. Tail: Cut a piece of black felt 5″x24″ long (depending on your child’s height). Glue or sew it closed, turn it inside out, and stuff with batting. Glue or sew orange stripes around the tail from top to bottom. Glue or sew it to the seat of the pants.

Little Lamb Costume From Parents Magazine

Last year I posted this cute little DIY and my cousin Verlondra James decided to do the grown-up version of this cute costume. She said it was easy and a lot of fun. Here’s the instructions in case you are interested in doing your own matching costume as well.

Verlondra James in her adult version of the Little DIY Costume Photo Credit Verlondra James

Start with a black, long-sleeved shirt (or leotard) and black tights.

What You Need
White bodysuit or leotard
About 500 white pom-poms or cotton balls
Fabri-Tac glue by Beacon

White and black felt
White hat (or felt for a hood)


1.Download the Little Lamb pattern. (This requires free Adobe Acrobat software.)

2. Cut sleeves off bodysuit. Use glue to cover the bodysuit in pom-poms.

3. Cut two ear shapes out of the white and black felt. Glue the black pieces
onto the white. Glue onto hat. (Instead of a hat, you can make a felt hood.)
4. Cover hat with pom-poms.

Little Lamb Pattern


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