Bobbi Browns Pretty Powerful NYC Giveaway

By now you guys should know I LOVE makeup artist Bobbi Brown, not just because she had a launch party on my birthday and sent me an invite, not because she took time to give me a great interview for Miss A & Bites of Style, but because she’s just Bobbi.

Bobbi Brown New Book Pretty Powerful

And now Mrs. Brown has a fabulous giveaway. Early this summer people kept asking if I could get people a trip to NYC, well I so far no luck, but lots of NYC trips keep coming across my desk and here’s another great NYC giveaway

Read the instructions below and get to posting. 

Bobbi Brown just launched her new Facebook app:  Pretty Powerful Beauty StoriesLike her new book, Pretty Powerful, Bobbi built this app to encourage women and girls to celebrate their beauty, both inside & out, by connecting with their friends to create a Beauty Story together. The app is user-friendly and interactive. It invites you to build a Beauty Story with a Facebook friend, and populates a cute page filled with photos, shared likes, and a place to share your Pretty Powerful story. To kick off the launch, Bobbi is hosting an 8-week contest where US Facebook fans can submit their beauty story for a chance to win one of 24 Semi-Finalist Prizes(a signed book and product; retail value $200) and 1 Grand Prize (flight to NYC & 2 nights in a hotel for 2 people; retail value $10,000!).


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