FNO Hair and How to Get the Look

I loved all the pretty pony styles & loose curls from Fashions Night Galleria, Southlake  & NYC.  So I went to see  Jenny Balding from Cutler Salon in NYC to ask her how to recreate some looks. Yesterday started the kick off of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and I know you are excited to try some of these looks.

Jenny Balding Top Stylist From Cutler Salon in NYC

Over the next few weeks a few of the Cutler Salon’s Top stylist will  teach us hot to re-create some runway looks. They are truly experts in this field and the first salon I call for fashionable hair.  Here are some picks of some of my favorite hair styles from Thursday along with Jenny tips.

Fashion’s Night Out Fall Hair Favorite Looks

Fashion’s Night Out Hair Photo Credit Sterling T Steve
Fashion’s Night Out Galleria Hair Photo Credit Sterling T Steve
Hair Photo Credit Sterling T Steve
Fashion’s Night Out Hair from The Galleria in Dallas- Photo Credit Sterling T Steve

1. Prep the hair with a smoothing, straightening product e.g. Redken Align to create a sleek smooth blow dry. Blow dry the roots toward the crown area to achieve the best result, when pulling into a high runway pony tail. Use a mirror to see your profile to see how the height suits your face. Pull into a pony tail and wrap a large piece of the tail around the elastic. Finish by misting a medium strength hair spray e.g Redken Fashion Works and a shine spray to give it a really sleek, sheen. For extra straight ends use a flat iron through the tail.

2. Blow dry with root direction as above but use a round brush on the ends to create a wave. Back brush a couple of sections from the hairline back to the crown tocreate height and texture. Again, use a mirror to see your profile to check where exactly it would suit you. Use

Pony Tail Style

your cheekbones as a guide and follow the line back and aim slightly higher. That’s where it is usually most flattering. Use a large curling iron on the tail to create curl. Finish with a mist of hair spray for fly-aways.

Low Pony Tail

3. Create a deep side part to begin. Blow dry really smooth and straight no volume and keep the roots flat and straight down. Use a straightening, blow drying product e.g. Redken Align. Use a flat iron throughout the whole head to give a flawless finish. Tuck behind ear and arrange the hairline into position first, then pull gently into very low (at the nape), use a clear elastic. Use can use a small piece of hair from the tail to wrap around, if you like use flat iron again over the tail to keep a smooth flawless finish. Mist with a light hair spray e.g. Redken Fashion Works and also mist a shine spray if necessary.


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