Hari Mari Flip Flops Are Not Just For Summer

Hari Mari Flip Flops Hari Mari Photo Credit

I  had never heard of Hari Mari flip flops, but I am not a flip flop kind of gal. First of all they are flats and when you wear heels as often as I do, flats sometimes can be flat. I do have family members that love flip flops, they are beach babies, but for this fashionista flips flops are the last shoe I normally try on. Made for women & men, Hari Mari is a hue-driven and comfort-focused flip flop line, constructed with versatility in mind.  The owners told me this and I continued to say,” I don’t wear flip flops.”  The Dallas based company was started by flip flop fanatics Jeremy Stewart and Barrett Horton who searched for more colorful and comfortable flip flop designs with little success.

Hari Mari Flip Flop Photo Credit Hari Mari

I met the husband and wife team and they immediately made me fell at ease. I even invited the wife to a private party to meet a former NYC Housewife Kelly Bensimon. They were both just so lovable, and passionate about their product. They continued to tell me how their flip flops were different and how each pair boasts rich and colorful designs. “When looking for a nice flip flop that offered a little more than your traditional brown or black look proved repeatedly unsuccessful, we decided to develop and create our own line,” says Stewart, Hari Mari’s founder.

“We designed Hari Maris to be crisp, timeless and super comfortable, creating a color-injected line for people on-the-go who want a quality-made flip flop as unique as themselves.”They protested  that I could wear them year round, to yoga, and on-the-go, but I still wasn’t convinced.   I finally just said ,” Look I don’t wear flip flops, maybe in the summer, but even then there is always a more stylish shoe than this little flip flop.” They looked stunned, but begged me to take a pair.  I agreed to take a pair for myself & a coworker because I didn’t actually plan on using my pair. I DON’T WEAR FLIP FLOPS.  I honestly thought they were nice, but a little crazy and really crazy when they told me the price.


Hari Mari Flip Flops Photo Credit Hari Mari

Here’s the facts: 

Male CoWorker


  • Very Comfortable


  • After less than 8 weeks the toe guard area on one of the shoes came apart and this could not be repaired
  • Blisters the first day after walking.
  • The price. For $60 they are really expensive

Female Subject-Me

Due to the male subjects flip flop disaster I tested my flip flops for  four months


  • Most comfortable flat shoe I have every experienced
  • I now wear them more than my sneakers & heels for going around town
  • They work on the elliptical and stationary bike( I forgot my sneakers people)
  • Complimented more outfits than I expected
  • 1-year warranty on the shoes if they break
  • After 4 cleanings they haven’t lost their elasticity


  • Dingy- I have cleaned them 4 times and  although they came out cleaner , it was NOT up to my expectations.
  • They don’t come in a wedge
  • They don’t come in decorative designs.
  • The price- For $60 they should come clean and you have to clean them very often
  • Customer Service is hard to reach

Overall Impression: I was BEYOND impressed.  The  flip flops are constructed in tandem with memory foam-lined toe pieces, firm arch supports and soft-squeeze mid-soles making Hari Mari flip flops FABULOUS. I have a heel injury and wearing Hari Mari flip flops made my foot feel so much better. I am now proudly sporting a boot, but I can’t wait to get back into my flip flops.

Bites of Style Founder Boot Courtesy of Alliance Foot & Ankle Specialist in Grapevine. Decorative Suggestions Welcomed

Along with their classic aesthetics, Hari Mari flip flops are made responsibly and built with sustainable hemp fibers, reprocessed foam and recycled rubber to reduce their overall environmental impact.I really hate retracting or eating my words, but I can say without a doubt that Hari Mari flip flops are the best flat shoes I have ever tried. There I said it, and now let’s move on.  I literally wear them everywhere. I always thought flip flops would dress my outfits down, but theses actually compliment a lot of my outfits very well.

Brandy Voirin & Ashton at Winston’s Photo Credit Plain Ole Pete
Brandy Outfit Vintage Ann Taylor Jacket $125, KatyDidCollection Dress $39, All accessories Banana Republic- Beaded Turquoise Clutch $98, Coral Necklace $25,  Bracelet $34 Hari Mari Green Flip Flops $60

Whether I am wearing a short skirt or maxi dress. Look to the left. Here I am at the Big Rich Texas taping Red Carpet event in my Hari Mari’s and my KatyDidCollection Dress. You can’t see them but they are there. Additionally, Hari Mari is donating $3 for every pair of flip flops purchased to help kids with pediatric cancer secure treatments & medicines vital to their fight.  Hari Mari currently partners with Cook Children’s Medical hospitals and looks to expand to additional hospitals and treatment centers in a variety of regions as the line & brand grow.

Hayden HariMari Blog Photo Credit

Hari Mari Shoes retail for $60 and are available at www.HariMari.com and select independent retailers.  You can find them on Facebook

After speaking with a Hari Mari rep about the broken flip flop they said they stand by their product, and offer every customer a 1 -year warranty. You can mail in your shoes, or take them to back to the store.

Do you wear flip flops in the fall and have you tried Hari Mari? I want to know what  to know your opinion.


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