3 Easy DIY Braid Trends

With the temperatures still  heating up, why not try a few new hairstyles that will keep you feeling and looking cool all season long!  Braids have become all the rage, but steer clear of being too traditional or going the pigtail route, a la Pippy Longstocking. I love braids and sported  carefree waves & trendy braids most the summer. Braids are not just for summer  anymore, and here are a few styles I plan to take into fall.

Kelsy Osterman, a stylist  from Cutler Salon gave me some great examples on how to recreate these trendy, easy to whip up styles.

Half crown: This style is super simple to do and very versatile. You can dress it down for a day time event such as a BBQ, or for a hot date at night. Create one classic three strand braid on both sides of your head starting on the sides of the nape of your neck. Tie with an elastic that is close in shade to your hair color. Bring both braids up over your ears and around the front of your head. Attach and secure with bobby pins tucking the ends of the braids (the non-braided part) under to conceal it.

Photo Credit Glamour.com via Siren PR

Braided bun: This is a great way to create a beautiful and simple updo that is different from the traditional bun. Simply put your hair in a ponytail where you would like the shape to be. Make sure to use hair spray to slick down any fly-aways. Create 2 or 3 classic or fishtail braids and secure them with an elastic. Pull them apart to create more width and texture, and for more of a messy feel. The final step is to create your shape out the braids and pin. You can get really creative with this! If you have fine hair, purchase extensions that match your hair and simply braid and pin to your ponytail base and wrap around like you would with your real hair.

My favorite is Nicole’s below. I have tried something similar to this with my short hair, but can’t find any photos(sad face).   Tell me which braid style you like the best?

Nicole Scherzinger-Photo Credit Glamour.com

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Nicole says:

    Nicole’s hairstyle is my fave!

    1. That’s one of my favorites as well.. Thanks for your comment. Send me a pic if you try the style out.

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