Carmen Marc Valvo Facebook Winner

Thanks everyone for your likes.. It only took us 6 likes to get to 100 and this is the second time we got there. Some days we have 96 and some days we have more. … but as promised everyone that entered before was placed in the contest.. So your odds were really good. One contest Carmen Marc Valvo’s team did  for the same sunglasses had 6,000 entries.. You guys should be glad we are not that popular yet, or your chances we would be a lot worse. Even if you are only here for the swag I would advice you to click the subscribe button so you know when the contest are happening..

This blog is more than just giveaways, but as I explained at the beginning of the summer I would be  giving away a lot of swag… So stay tuned for more fashion, food, sales news, charity , designer interviews and swag of course ladies and gents. I have a lot of wonderful friends and designers so you never know what I will be giving away next.. Someone asked about a trip to NYC.. Honestly the way this blog has been blessed lately, you never know.. A trip to NYC might just be in the cards.

The winner picked at random is Stephanie Erichson. Please send an email to or on our Facebook page send us a message to claim your prize… Ladies there is still a great chance to win a KatydidCollection Maxi dress. Find the article title Made In America on this blog to see how you can enter.. The contest ends tomorrow at 10 p.m. central time.. And spread the word so your friends know all about the great swag and sale in the area…


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