Designer Swag Facebook Contest

Hopefully you are all following  DFW Bites of Style on Facebook. Today we offered a swag giveaway to our Facebook Followers. It is already over. I kept wondering why we didn’t have 100 likes, so I figured a little swag might entice you guys.


Founder DFW Bites of Style holding Carmen Marc Valvo Spring/Summer Resort Collection Photo Credit Thomas Garza

A few weeks ago I spoke about my NYC delivery and here’s one of the prizes… First I Love this designer so much. My heart melts when I think of him. He makes the most amazing dresses, swimwear, and eyewear in the world.. The package he sent came at the perfect time.. I was having a really rough day like we all have sometimes..  Although some of you ” liked” our page just for the swag I would hope you will continue to follow this page.. Along with great giveaways it is my hope to bring you great  fashion , food, and beauty tips along with behind-the-scenes knowledge from my life in fashion…  I love discovering fashion and food in the DFW and beyond. I hope you will continue to  enjoying this journey through my eyes. 

Carmen Marc Valvo Signature Collection Dress Photo Credit Thomas Garza


Designer Carmen Marc Valvo understands many, many, things. Mr. Valvo understands fabrics, and the way they flow over the female figure. He understands that a young heart might reside in a mature body.I found myself enrolled in the school of the master with him explaining to me secrets about craftsmanship and fabrications. He is also very handsome too. My time with Carmen was cut too short.

Carmen Marc Valvo explaining the hand bedded work done on this dress
Designer Carmen Marc Valvo Lending Me His Signature Glasses Photo Credit Thomas Garza

I could have spoken to him all day. We laughed, spoke of Italian food and of great American designers. He understands what women want. I bought my first Carmen Marc Valvo creation this summer ,and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life in his dresses. I feel like a modern-day queen in his clothing.. Along with being a kind and generous  men he also enjoys the simple things in life. He recently told me his happiest moments are spent gardening, and spending time in NYC with his life partner. Here’s to the man who continues to make me melt Mr. Carmen Marc Valvo and his signature creations. 

Mr. Valvo’s team generously sent me a few selections of sunglasses for a giveaway. The other pair will  be given away next month. The winner may pick either pair and they are both very hot.  Winner will be announced Friday and sorry the contest is closed. Product will be delivered in 2 to 5 weeksLoading...

Carmen Marc Valvo Summer Collection Sunglasses

Question: Not necessary for the giveaway, but please tell me a few things you are thankful for today?


My 2 year old son Sebastian Photo Credit By DFW Bites of Style

For me it’s the relationship I have with my son Sebastian. Everyday when he tells me he loves me and looks at me with his brown eyes I just continue to melt.. There are too many people to mention, but he is at the top of my list. I truly believe we should cherish the ones we love and not material things..  I am thankful for my relationships, job, and family.. I am so blessed and  pray I never take this life for granted.

XoXo Brandy Vorin DFW Bites of Style Founder


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Jamie Blair says:

    Those glasses are so Gorgeous!!!!
    Today, I feel super grateful for the Love in my life. I feel as though I played the Husband Lottery and won the mega-billions 🙂

    1. Great comment Jamie, thanks for following the blog

    2. They are and sooo sexy.. Best of luck Jamie and thanks for being a loyal follower

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