Sizzling Summer Fashion Show and Prestige Model Management Owner Micah Blehm

The Sizzling Summer Fashion Show Benefiting the Red Party  happening July 20th,  is the talk of Dallas. It’s the fashion event to be seen at this summer. The giveaways are luxurious from everything from Michael Kors, Carmen Marc Valvo, Neiman Marcus, and  packages worth over $3,000. Along with a great show is also the story of the flamboyant owner of Prestige Model Managementas the show’s presenting sponsor. According to Micah Blehmhe’s one of the most controversial model management owners  in Dallas’ fashion history, and he’s not going away. Did you guys see his pictures from San Francisco a few weeks ago? Look to the right to see what I mean. He literally stopped traffic.

Prestige Model Management Owner Micah Blehm Stopping Traffic in San Fransisco this Summer Photo Credit PMM

The list of things he’s done wrong is long. He dropped out of a  fashion show, had the wrong people around him, didn’t get certain contracts signed, and the list goes on and on. ” I was way too accessible to some people, and people took advantage of me. I would often get calls at 3 a.m. asking me the craziest things, said Micah.” Along with the many mistakes in his business dealings, he’s also doing a ton of things right. He has a successful model management company,with  models in for the hottest shows in Texas and New York, and rumors spiral that he might be working on a cable reality show.

Micah Blehm Working Photo Credit PMM

Micah’s story is living, breathing story of a champion. He is determined to make a name for himself, and I admire his dedication. Anyone in the fashion industry struggling to get on the right footing would understand what he’s been through. Micah, through adversity has managed to do what some are calling the impossible. There are a lot con-artists in this industry ; some might think he’s one of them, but I choose to think that he is brilliant.

How did you get started in the fashion industry?

A: I started in event planning and was very successful, and then I worked for  a model management company. I learned the ropes from my boss  and  then realized  I could do it better.  My boss was nice, but after  being there awhile I realized I needed to leave. You have to grow and I wasn’t growing. My boss  did help me a lot when I went into  business for myself.

Did you read fashion magazines growing up?

Micah in the big apple hard at work
Photo Credit PMM

A: “Oh no.. I come from a very conservative background.  I am an adopted Asian who was raised in Kansas, lived in Oklahoma and came from a very conservative family. My father was a preacher, my mother is white, my brother is black, and I didn’t exactly fit the mold.”

Are you bitter about your birth mother giving you up for adoption?

A:” I bless my mother because she didn’t abort me, but giving birth does not make you a mother. I had a hard childhood, but I am a survivor. People who have things handed to them, often don’t hand them to you. (But if you they did then) you don’t appreciate them.”

I always thought you had a “sugar daddy”

A: It’s funny you should say that because it’s really the other way around. People think I am a spoiled rich kid, or have a sugar daddy and both are the furthest from the truth. I came from a very strong acceptable (traditional background when), I came to Dallas. (At first), I didn’t have a job money or a pot to piss in. I was a stripper for a while to make ends meet. I had to hide out in a hotel, sleeping on the floor there because I had no place to go. I am not some rich kid doing this for fun. Everything I have, I’ve had work to keep it. This is my dream. People think they know you, but they really have no clue.

Photo Shoot For Dallas Hotel Magazine Photo Credit PMM Facebook

What made you decide to produce a fashion show this summer? 

“Actually I was just hired to provide the models in the beginning, and then I was asked to help with the entire show. I was honored as this is what I love to do.

What seemed to start out as a small event  is actually turning into the talk of the summer. I have rearranged my plans 3 times just to be here for your fashion show. Why do you think that this show is picking up buzz?

” Yes, you have become a busy little bee these days and I appreciate you changing your schedule. The Red Party, which is a this great organization formed  in 2009 has become a staple in the gay and lesbian community. They  have counseling and legal programs (as well as support initiatives for the community). I also think because of some of the controversy surrounding the event could be why it’s picking up buzz. It’s also going to be a fabulous party. We have the most amazing giveaways and designers showcasing their fashions on four runways. I am so excited.”

Why is there so much controversy with your company?

Cointreau and Dita Von Teese Launch Event with Models Styled by Micah Blehm Photo by Jonathan Zizzo

A: “The Dallas fashion industry is controversial (by nature),  and I am sorry people but I am here to shake it up.  I am driven and plan to continue to make it in this industry, so people should really get used to me.”

Do you think that the controversy falls around your competitors or disgruntled models?

“A little of both. There’s some stuff online I can’t get into, but things like this happen when you are doing well. If people aren’t talking about you, then you’re not relevant in this industry.  In regards to some of my competitors -My image is controversial plain and simple. I am an Asian American (that is) young and gay; who is in the industry, and wants a piece of the pie. There is enough business going around for all of us, but people are resistant to change. I also wear fabulous Louboutin heels and take pictures in the middle of the street.”

Micah and Me at the Tom Ford Party in Dallas showing off our legs

Yes, those heels have always been a topic of discussion in Dallas. Why do you wear those heels?

“I have good calves, duh. I was an all American track star and sprinted all through high school. Ladies wear short skirts because they like their legs, and I like mine too.

” Do  you feel you have been ostracized by your peers?“Don’t get me wrong — I am so grateful for the pioneers; Gretchen Kelly, Jan Stimple, Rhonda Sargent Chambers, they have paved the way, and will always have a place in this industry. I am just trying to do something different, and most people are not receptive to change. These ladies (listed above) have always been kind above, whether they share my philosophy or not.”

Where does the controversy come in with your company?

“Like I said , I am different and that scares some people. You don’t have to agree with my philosophy or style, but don’t cut me down before I even get started. You don’t know me, and what I have gone through to get where I am today. I am trying to take Dallas to the next level of cutting edge fashion and my look, age, and style scares a lot of people. It’s about putting in hard work and dedication and that my friend comes in

Dita Von Teese and Micah Blehm Photo Credit PMM

all shapes, sizes and colors.”

I agree, it should be about what you produce and not how you look. Would the “haters” be considered people who are better than you?

“The people who are better than me are not my haters. I am twenty-three years old, and of course there are people better than me. I am just trying to build a business as well, and would like an opportunity to show what I can do. I want to take Dallas fashion to the next level. ”  

I enjoy the Dallas Fashion shows, but it’s nothing like New York or Paris..  Why do you think it’s taking Dallas so long to catch up to these fashion powerhouse areas?

“Everyone in the  Dallas fashion industry wants to be like New York, but no one has the balls to get it done. If I die in front of my desk booking a model or a fashion show then I have lived my life. It takes hard work and perseverance and anything short of that is a waste of time.”

Whitney Prestige Model Management Model in a Runway Show Photo Credit PMM

What do you think of the  critics who say your models are too short and you accept anyone into your agency?

“If a model can walk and is  5’5 , but with the right heel can be 6’5 then that is all that matters. My models have been in some of the hottest fashion events in Dallas and I will have ten models in New York Fashion Week.  We just did a ten page spread in Dallas Hotel Magazine. It’s about seeing someone’s potential and turning them into something great. I will be a million dollar mogul by the time I am thirty, , so they can say whatever they want to say.”

Jordan P Photo Credit PMM

Anything you want to say or clear up in closing? “Yes I just want to let people know I am grateful for this opportunity.  A lot of people have been so helpful and encouraging to me. Gretchen Kelly,(tears flowing ) is like a mother to me ,and I don’t know what I would have done without her.  To all the wonderful sponsors and designers, Scott Barretto who have helped make this event such a success.  And to you my dear friend, who called to gripe at me and instead listened and decided to write this story. Lastly to the people who are not supportive of my ideas, and are still behind in the times; their opinions don’t really matter in my book. As I said before I am trying to do something different in Dallas, and I am not going to stop until I have accomplished what I came her to do.”

Tickets are almost completely sold out, but there are a few still left. Hopefully by now you understand why you must attend this fashion/charity event tonight in Dallas. I love the Dallas fashion industry because it is filled with some many types of people. We should all be who we are ,and be proud of the fact that we are all individuals.

Tell me what you think of the young entrepreneur Micah Blehm?

Sizzling Summer Fashion Show
4123 Cedars Springs
Pre Cocktails Start at 8 p.m. 
Article written by Brandy Voirin
Article edited by Teia Collier 



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  1. leah says:

    Wow I think this is great story. You never know what a person has gone through.. I wish I lived in Dallas so I could attend the show.. Love the story of a fighter who is not afraid to be different. Bravo Micah…

    1. Micah is A scam artist and a liar. He hired my company as bodyguards when he came to San Francisco and at the end of the night he paid us with a bounced check. And when we tried to call him he disconnected his phone. And believe me if anyone of you would backround check him you would see that i’m not the only one he has either lied to or scammed. And micah if your reading this just know that i am coming for all i wanted was payment and as i dug deeper into your past and found out that you do this to multiple people i knew you had to be stoped. So i will see you soon with a warrant for your arrest and believe me thats a promise. See you in court

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