Best Workout Clothes

Lucy’s New Dress Line

 I found this store called Lucy four years ago when it came to Southlake, and I have been in love ever since. Lucy can be costly, but the quality is amazing. I love that while you are working on getting your beach body, Lucy helps you look toned and fit.

Lucy’s line of workout clothing has a large amount of spandex and manages to take my size 10 body and turn it into a size 6. Along with  sucking you in, the clothing also last a very long time. I have had a jacket for 4 years and it looks like I just bought it yesterday. Lucy also offers lounge wear, yoga clothing’s and running around town gear.  I love this store because of their quick drying fabric and for their great layering pieces. Most items range between $30-$119, but I have found items on sale for $29.  Lucy has locations all over the country and has great sales. Here are a few of my favorite Lucy pieces.

Lucy Pants $69 on sale for $39.99
Lucy Running Pants $49.99
Plum Running Jacket $69.99
Color Blocking Knee Pants $59.99

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