Behind-the-scenes of Fashion’s Living Canvas!!

The backstage of FLC was a MAD HOUSE.   It looked like something out of a scene from NYC fashion week. Sure, it’s fun to look at clothes on the

Team Motives cosmetics- Photo Credit Shawn Jantzen

runway, but the true fun and hard work of fashion shows happen backstage, with designers, stylists, models and make-up artists running around like mad to make it all look effortless and easy once it’s on the runway. I went behind the scenes at Fashion’s Living Canvas to sneak a peek before the show.

Hair and Make-Up

I had a make-up appointment with my favorite make-up artist Tiffiny Luong.  I have organized charity fashion shows and modeled in a few, but the scene backstage was organized chaos. I found my seat between  model Dawn Neufeldmodel LeeAnne Locken and blogger  Cynthia Smoot. I chatted with Dawn about life, pageants, and fashion

Team Motives-Photo Credit Shawn Jantzen

   Team Motives did a fantastic job on all the ladies and we looked gorgeous.”One team, one dream, shouted Tiffiny Luong.”

Press Interviews

My first stop was Danh Ta for a peek at his collection. His collection was simply breathtaking. 

Brandy Voirin and Danh Ta taking a look at his new collection. Photo Credit Thomas Garza Photography


Next: Red-I by Chelsea and her beautiful collection. Red-I-by Chelsea seems to bring out the DIVA  in every women or man…  

Model LeeAnne Locken having her princess moment backstage at FLC- Jewelry by Red-I- By Chelsea- Photo Credit DFW Bites of Style

Click Here to see her gorgeous collection

The Crowd

Fashion’s Living Canvas brought out a flock of fashion editors, stylists, models and fans flaunting their best and brightest outfits, shoes and attitudes like proud peacocks. I spotted celebrities, fashionistas, and Dallas notables. Here are some of the most fashionable moments from the crowd.

JIm Duran-DFW Style Daily Contributor and Brandy Voirin Editor AskMissA- jewelry by Red-I by Chelsea
Heidi Dillon, and Connie Dieb Stars of Big Rich Texas Photo by Thomas Garza Photography
Thomas Garza Photography
Thomas Garza Photography

6 Comments Add yours

    1. Thanks Cynthia. I didn’t realize you were speaking at FIG on Friday or I would have attended. You are such an inspiration to those of us who are just starting out!!! You Rock!!!

  1. It might have been nice to be mentioned as a designer or interviewed….but I guess that’s how it goes. Becca Jett .

    1. Jett only two out of the six designers where mentioned in this article, and DFW Bites of Style hasn’t conducted any designer interviews. Hopefully we will soon.

      1. No worries…just all the hard work and all. Can’t wait to chat with ya sometime.

      2. Thanks Jett, please email us a link to your website and contact information at Free free to post a link in this comment as well for us to share with our Bites of Style readers

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