Behind-the-scenes of Fashion’s Living Canvas!!

The backstage of FLC was a MAD HOUSE.   It looked like something out of a scene from NYC fashion week. Sure, it’s fun to look at clothes on the

Team Motives cosmetics- Photo Credit Shawn Jantzen

runway, but the true fun and hard work of fashion shows happen backstage, with designers, stylists, models and make-up artists running around like mad to make it all look effortless and easy once it’s on the runway. I went behind the scenes at Fashion’s Living Canvas to sneak a peek before the show.

Hair and Make-Up

I had a make-up appointment with my favorite make-up artist Tiffiny Luong.  I have organized charity fashion shows and modeled in a few, but the scene backstage was organized chaos. I found my seat between  model Dawn Neufeldmodel LeeAnne Locken and blogger  Cynthia Smoot. I chatted with Dawn about life, pageants, and fashion

Team Motives-Photo Credit Shawn Jantzen

   Team Motives did a fantastic job on all the ladies and we looked gorgeous.”One team, one dream, shouted Tiffiny Luong.”

Press Interviews

My first stop was Danh Ta for a peek at his collection. His collection was simply breathtaking. 

Brandy Voirin and Danh Ta taking a look at his new collection. Photo Credit Thomas Garza Photography


Next: Red-I by Chelsea and her beautiful collection. Red-I-by Chelsea seems to bring out the DIVA  in every women or man…  

Model LeeAnne Locken having her princess moment backstage at FLC- Jewelry by Red-I- By Chelsea- Photo Credit DFW Bites of Style

Click Here to see her gorgeous collection

The Crowd

Fashion’s Living Canvas brought out a flock of fashion editors, stylists, models and fans flaunting their best and brightest outfits, shoes and attitudes like proud peacocks. I spotted celebrities, fashionistas, and Dallas notables. Here are some of the most fashionable moments from the crowd.

JIm Duran-DFW Style Daily Contributor and Brandy Voirin Editor AskMissA- jewelry by Red-I by Chelsea
Heidi Dillon, and Connie Dieb Stars of Big Rich Texas Photo by Thomas Garza Photography
Thomas Garza Photography
Thomas Garza Photography

6 thoughts on “Behind-the-scenes of Fashion’s Living Canvas!!

    1. Thanks Cynthia. I didn’t realize you were speaking at FIG on Friday or I would have attended. You are such an inspiration to those of us who are just starting out!!! You Rock!!!

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