Meet The New Power Couple of Fashion: LeeAnne Locken & Steve Kemble!!

LeeAnne Locken and Steve Kemble Co-Host's of Fashion Living Canvas at the Hilton Anatole Hotel

The Queen B in Dallas, and the King of Sass are  teaming up next Tuesday for  Fashion’s Living Canvas, powered by Team Motives Agency.  The team of Abstract Method Marketing, and Fashion Junkie Styling Co. have put together a fashion extravaganza. If this event is not on your radar then you been sleeping under a very heavy rock. Click here to BUY A TICKET.

I sat down with the co-host’s to pick their brains about  the upcoming show and each other. They are really quite a pair, and compliment each other very well. Steve Kemble’s events are dramatic with strong clean accents. Reminiscent of the eras of glitz and glam and finished with a dose of sass.  Steve Kemble is  a genius and a treasure to the state of Texas. Here’s hoping he never moves or the city will be in BIG trouble!! Although I have always been amazed by LeeAnne Locken, I now understand why she is well on her way to Oprah status. Along with being a successful model, and host she continues to top her own accomplishments on a daily basis.

In my job I  meet a lot of fabulous people and some not so fabulous, but these two are authentic and fabulous. It was truly my pleasure to get inside the minds of the fabulous duo known as LeeAnne Locken and  Steve Kemble

Brandy Voirin (BV): Why did you get involved with Fashion’s Living Canvas?

Steve Kemble (SK): “I got involved in Fashion’s Living Canvas through some very skillful arm twisting by Jarrod Fresquez of Abstract Method Marketing and Jai Okoli of Fashion Junkie!”

LeeAnne Locken(LL): “I love fashion, and working with Steve Kemble”

Steve Kemble and LeeAnne Locken Photo Courtesy of Thomas Garza

BV: What designers are you exciting about seeing at Fashion’s Living Canvas?

SK: “All the designers have a special flair they are bringing to the runway. I am most excited about seeing these awesome designers paired with the styling team led by Jai Okoli and the Fashion Junkie Styling Company. They have assured me we will see something Dallas has never seen before!”

LL: “ALL of them! I love to see what new talent comes up with! It’s like watching a young Alexander McQueen or Gaultier! It’s EXCITING!!”

BV: Which designer should be on everyone’s radar if you had to pick one?

SK: “I am really excited to see what accessories designer Red I by Chelsea and Danh Ta have up their sleeve to WOW us! I also cannot wait for Prashi Shah on the runway-a designer that keeps her items under lock and key until the very last-minute! LOVE! the suspense!”

LL: “ALL of them! I can’t just pick one.”

BV: What makeup colors and hair trends do you like for Spring?

SK: “I find that Motives Cosmetics stays on top of the all the hottest trends, I cannot wait to see what they bring to the stage at Fashions Living Canvas!

LL: “I am a huge fan of the pastels for spring make-up! Rosy cheeks look good on everyone! And for hair, it’s a toss-up between a ponytail or parted down the middle with a gentle wave. Easy and simple!”

 BV: Tell us one thing that we would be surprise to know about  LeeAnne?

SK: “That SHE actually does sleep!”

BV: Same question LeeAnne?

LL: “Steve has the HUGEST HEART! I know that’s not a big surprise but if y’all really knew what an INCREDIBLY COMPASSIONATE person he is~ you would be shocked! For instance, the night he came to help me raise funds for Lauren Scruggs he was late, and that is NOT like Steve so I got worried! When he showed up he told me how he had just pulled kids out of a wrecked car on the way!! SEE!! COMPASSIONATE!!” 

BV: How do you guys stay in shape?

SK: “I have a trainer, and do yoga three days a week.”

LL: “Eat Healthy.I have carbs early in the day, and protein at night.I also WORK OUT! It’s really about calories in vs. calories out. There are no short cuts to staying in shape.”

BV: What’s next for you guys?

Steve Kemble

SK: Next up for me is producing the events for the HP Byron Nelson Classic! Check out my blog www.adoseofsass where I post lots of wonderful news about the many charities I support. Follow me on twitter (@stevekemblechat) and other social media outlets in what I call, Sassy Scoop! All The Sass That’s Fab To Print!

LL: Every day brings new opportunities and new possibilities!! Of course I will continue to support local Dallas Charities, it makes my heart happy! Follow me on Facebook to find out more!! Follow me on Facebook at one of my three accounts below.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Chelsea Bond says:

    FABULOUS article! Thank you so much for mentioning {Red-i} By Chelsea! I’m thrilled about being part of such an innovative and creative event. I have no doubt that Leanne and Steve will keep people energized and involved the entire time! XO

    1. Chelsea, I can’t wait to see your clothing. Please send me a link to your website. I would love to get a preview of your line.

      1. Chelsea Bond says:

        Hello! Actually, I have one of the lines of accessories that will be in the show! Here are my links so you can check some of it out 😉 /

  2. Sorry, So much information in my head!! I just glanced at your jewelry it’s gorgeous. Can’t wait to see if up close.

    1. Chelsea Bond says:

      No worries at all! I completely understand – lots going on for sure! I look forward to meeting you and having you get an up close and personal on the jewels 🙂 XO

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