GCB Another Desperate Housewives!!!

Let me clear up a possible misconception: “GCB” is not another “Desperate Housewives. ”Fans of the veteran ABC series shouldn’t go in thinking they’re about to get a woman-centric comedy of the same ilk. Compared to this new rowdy, “Housewives” almost seems mild.

GCB-Good Christian Belles-Photo Credit- ABC.COM

“GCB” — which premieres at 9 tonight after “Housewives” — is not “a love letter to Texas” as ABC entertainment chief Paul Lee has suggested. Executive producer Robert Harling agreed that the “GCB” world is specific to, not only Dallas, but a particular part of Dallas-Highland Park”.

As for the series title, well … no amount of explaining can take away that bit of awkwardness. Because the title of the book it’s based on, “Good Christian B***** may prove offensive to some, the series’ name initially was changed to “Good Christian Belles.” However, “belles is not exactly accurate for the Texas environment,” explained Harling, who’s most famous for another depiction of Southern women, “Steel Magnolias.” “‘Belles’ is more of Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia.”

Either way I have seen some clips, and the show will bring a ton of laughs, fashionable moments, and more eyes to Dallas. Can’t wait to see all the fashions!!!


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