Valentine’s Day Specials

After eating such a delicious meal why not enjoy some healthy guilt free desserts…

 First gents if you still haven’t made a dinner reservation click here:

And if that’s all booked, try these spas

I normally never double post, but so many people need my help tonight. Guys stop procrastinating before you are left SINGLE on the day of love. Now on to dessert!!

The Chocolate Raspberry Valentine is the perfect ending to your dining experience at Seasons 52, especially as we approach Valentine’s Day.” Seasons 52 originally pioneered the smaller-portioned dessert concept at its first restaurant in Orlando, FL, in 2003. Mini Indulgences offer guests classic dessert flavors featuring top quality ingredients and highly creative presentations. The idea is to provide all of the pleasure of finishing your meal with a great dessert, but none of the guilt. All items are 475 calories or less. So save some calories on this day of love and eat dessert guilt free

Seasons 52-Plano-Valentine-mini

 Don’t feel like driving to Plano? Well this sweet deal is a V-day special only, super healthy, and in Southlake!!!!

Photo Credit- Yumilicious Southlake

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