Starbucks FREE COFFEE Jan 12th-14th

Here’s some information I found from one of my favorite mommy sites. Thursday through Saturday (January 12-14, 2012), Starbucks is hosting a free Coffee Tasting Event at all their U.S. stores.

You’ll be able to sample all of their roast, for free, plus their website says that they’ll send you home with a little something. Not sure what that little something is, but hey, it’s not everyday that you get to enjoy

free Starbucks. :) Thanks Sea of Savings

Too busy to drive to your local Starbucks? Well buy a bag of Starbucks Coffee at your local Kroger stores where 12 ounce bags are on sale for $7.99 normally $9,99. The bonus is when you finish your coffee take the empty bag into your local Starbucks for a FREE tall brewed coffee. Look for bags with a free tall coffee on the package.



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