Do-it-yourself children costumes

Well here are 3 great ideas for the kids. This year I lucked out, and found my costumes  at a garage sale and one at Goodwill. I never intended on using them as I thought they could be for dress up.  Life has gotten in the way, and looks like my son will be wearing the two costumes I found earlier this season… If you are in the same situation I found a few Do-it- yourself costumes that can help.   One is made with a sweatshirt, and one with a dress every little girl should already have. They also can save you cash if you already have some of the items at home. .

Beauty Queen

Beauty Queen- Photo credit

Most little girls already have frilly dresses. Her mom added a sash, crown and fake flowers from the dollar store.. And there you have it a costume for $2… Here are some other great ones I found. Instructions below

Little Lamb Costume- photo credit

Start with a black, long-sleeved shirt (or leotard) and black tights.

What You Need
White bodysuit or leotard
About 500 white pom-poms or cotton balls
Fabri-Tac glue by Beacon

White and black felt
White hat (or felt for a hood)


1.Download the Little Lamb pattern. (This requires free Adobe Acrobat software.)

2. Cut sleeves off bodysuit. Use glue to cover the bodysuit in pom-poms.

3. Cut two ear shapes out of the white and black felt. Glue the black pieces
onto the white. Glue onto hat. (Instead of a hat, you can make a felt hood.)
4. Cover hat with pom-poms.

Little Lamb Pattern

Download Adobe Acrobat

puppy- photo credit

Dalmatian Puppy

Start with white sweatpants and either a white hooded sweatshirt or a white shirt and
What You Need

Adhesive-backed black felt

White, pink, red, and gray felt
Fabri-Tac glue by Beacon
Small amount of stuffing
Velcro sew-on tape

1. Download the Dalmatian Puppy pattern. (This requires free Adobe Acrobat

2. Cut adhesive-backed black felt into spots and stick on pants, shirt, and hat
or hood.

3. For ears, cut two ear shapes out of white felt and two out of pink felt.
Glue pink to white. Glue ears to hat or hood.

4. For a tail, cut an 18-x-4-inch piece of white felt. Stitch one end to
another lengthwise. Stitch one end closed. Fill with stuffing. Glue closed.
Glue one strip of Velcro on the tail, another on the sweatpants. Attach tail.

5. For the collar, cut red felt in an 18-x-1-inch strip. Glue it onto the
sweatshirt’s collar. Cut a circle of gray felt and write a name on it in
marker. Glue it to the center of the collar.

Dalmatian Puppy Pattern


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