Adventures in Gap land and 40% off….

I love the Gap. They really have a great collection this year and bargain prices. A tip I got from a mom is to always buy the same colored socks.. This tip works so well for  the little ones in your life, and maybe for the adults too. You will never be without a match if all your socks are the same… I try to buy 3-4 basic  varieties, and buy them all in the same color.

Tip #1 – Ask the sales associate to check in the back for more  stock

Gap toddler girl socks on sale in Ft Worth normally $2 on sale for .98 plus 50% off making them . $.44

Gap was  also having a 50% off sale last weekend. There socks run around $2 a pair, but I always look for sale socks in basic colors. I spotted pink socks for my niece at a great price of $.98 with an additional 50%… I only found 3 pairs on the racks, but a quick check on the registered showed there were 14 pairs…  Gap socks are great quality and wash very well.  Next time you are in Gap find the sale socks, and ask the sales person to check the back stock for you. I just love those magic registers. They will save you a bundle everytime.. You can never have too many socks….

Tip #2- always be nice to the sales associates..

Since just a few days before I found $1.65 shorts at Gap in Southlake, I decided to search the adult section in Fort Worth for some goodies…. I found a few cute blouses  and lots of skinny jean leggings.. .These are great with boots or high heels. I spotted a grey pair and several versions of blue.. Then I notice a rack of blue leggings similar to the ones I had just seen at the Elie Tahari fashion show for $178, but at the Gap a few pair were marked at  $19.99 and of course in both my sizes. The size you wear on your fat days, and the ones you wear on your skinny days. Was this fate?

Elie Tahari--Vanessa Jean- Blue- $178
Gap- blue skinny leggings. $69

I asked the manager if this was correct, and of course they had been marked wrong. She agreed to give them to me for that price  that was marked… Once I got to the register I also received  an additional 50% off these great leggings… For a total savings of 90%… The leggings are currently marked at $69.99, but I got them for $10! Doesn’t happen everyday, but when  I find a deal this good I get excited…  I tried on both versions of leggings and the Elie Tahari pair are a richer sapphire hue, and are made of a thicker material. The choice is your $69 or $178 or maybe you will get lucky and pay $10 like me…

photo credit banana republic email

All Gaps and Banana Republics are having a 40% off sale this weekend.. Sorry hurry in and enjoy the new sales…  I can’t wait to hear what everyone finds.


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