Gap’s crazy sale and a 98% savings!!!

Gap’s are not priced a like. I found this fun fact  out a few years ago, but all Gap’s do have the same sales… So here we go… I haven’t stepped into Gap in at least 4 months and the one in Southlake looked like they had been robbed. Really they did, but the manager assured me there was more stock in the back…

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Gap is having an additional 40-50% off the lowest market prices in kids, babies and women… I found some great deals. I had $20 in cash and I was determined not to go over.. Because honestly I didn’t need to be shopping because I shop enough as it is… I came in at $14.99.. Enough to get coffee and head back to school… I didn’t buy everything, I left lots of  goodies for you ladies.

One of the best deals I found were black, olive-green, navy, and purple silk shorts for $2.99- after the 50% discount they where $1.65.. Total score. I have never found a piece of clothing so cheap. I just knew something had to be wrong when I saw a rack for $2.99.. The shorts were originally $38.99 The size I bought were too big, but at that price they can be tailored. I can also wear them in the next few months. Shorts and tights, or shorts and leggins are the perfect holiday outfit. This look was all over the runways last spring… I can’t wait to sport a pair

Regular $45, sale $35, plus 50% off price $17.99- Gap Southlake$50, sale $40- plus 50% off- Price $20- Southlake Gap
Green outfit- $19.99 sale $14.99 plus 50% off. $8.50- Gap Southlake
reg. $29 on sale for $20 with 50% off making it $10. Size 0-18 months in Southlake

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