Style Diary-Elie Tahari and Streets of Sparkle


Elie Tahari-photo- Neiman

There are so many things  you can say about Elie Tahari. During the first 2 weeks of my new job I got stuck in a certain leather and lace dress at a cocktail party at NM-Downtown. My girlfriends can attest to my horror. The silly zipper got stuck.


Lessons I learned

#1 Never take off your dress at a cocktail party, no matter how many people ask you.. It’s just not worth it

#2  Always obey rule #1

I had no idea I was even stuck in a Tahari dress until I saw it on the runway last week. Needless to say  I was  once again asked to try on a dress at a cocktail party; which didn’t happen. Sorry  Mr. Tahari I love your clothing, but not even for you.  The head buyer explained they have been having zipper problems ( which made me feel better, but I wasn’t taking off my clothes). His line is really  beautiful and I had the pleasure last week of spending a full day covering his new line.  A runway show with Ken Downing in the afternoon, and a cocktail party at the Tahari new store at NorthPark.

Brandy Voirin, and Teia Collier- Featured in Streets of Sparkle

Best of all I landed in Streets of Sparkle… It’s a wonderful website that covers all the fabulous outfits in Dallas. I have heard of the blog, but didn’t know they came to the party.. I was asked to keep my leopard trench coat on for the picture, but I wanted to show off my backless lace dress. I had not eaten any carbs in a few days, and wanted to show off my hard work. .. Next time I shall keep my jacket on.. Maybe I will get a full length photo.. Either way check out this site..

Ken Downing telling a story during the Elie Tahari runway show- Neiman Marcus



Streets of Sparkle


She has an interesting point of view and takes beautiful photos.  My Elie Tahari articles should be coming out later this week on Miss A. Everyone have a great week




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