Starbucks and Subway Discounts

You gotta love it when our favorite food places give us loyal customers a break. Everyone needs that morning cup of joe and that lunch  sandwich. My friendly Starbucks lady informed me if I purchased a $5 Starbucks gift card, and registered it online I would receive FREE soy or Free syrup every time I used the card. Sweet deal!! Finally I could stop being punished for being a soy drinker and save $.60

It does take a few days to activate, but another secret is you will receive  free coffee on your birthday along with special promotions.. And the first promotion starts TODAY

Starbucks $2 breakfast sandwiches for reward card members

Which brings me to today’s good news. Starbucks breakfast sandwiches and wraps are discounted this week for reward members. I tried the veggie melt today, and it was delicious….  There are 3 different sandwiches and 2 wraps.

From October 4 – 10 you can enjoy any delicious, handmade Starbucks® breakfast sandwich or wrap
for only $2* when you buy any
handcrafted beverage.

One of the many subs you can get for $5 during the month of October

October is ANY SUB at Subway- So get any foot long sub for $5 and there are 28 options.

Looks like lunch and dinner is going to be covered for awhile…Happy Eating…


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