Fall Fashion Steals from Banana Republic at Target Prices

Oh our favorite stores are having UNBELIEVEABLE SALES!!!! I must confess I have been to Banana Republic 3 times in 3 days… Originally just to take a look around, but my son was not having it.. The next time I bought  a little more.. It was Mad Men Wednsday and I had a 40% off coupon.. The last time I really, really scored..

I spotted a dress that was originally $150– priced currently online at $119- I got this lovely dress for $16…  It was $21.99 with an additional 25% off and there are 2 left in the store. That’s right.. UNBELIEVEABLE…University Shopping Center-Fort Worth

The next day even better deals while in Southlake, and all because of the magic coupon. Banana Republic stores are handing out 25%,30%, and 50% off coupons which will be good until tomorrow… I never get a 50% off coupon. I was only stopping by to find a shirt for an outfit. Once I realized I had the 50% off coupon the shopping spree begin… The 50% discount was good on full priced, sales, and final sales items…


Found these in a tan color with a light stripe
Another great find. $89 pants in Southlake priced at $25 plus 15 percent off.. $12 pants-I spend more at Starbucks!!!

I was able to purchase current items from the Mad Men and the Fall Collection at a fraction of the price… believe me ladies you need these clothes.

twist tie dress- priced at over $100, online for $119. Found at Banana Republic for $16

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