Two more days to be charitable through dinning!!!

Looking for an affordable dinner, five-star food, and lots of it?  What am I talking about? Drum roll please…… It’s Restaurant Week!! There are food events, and then there is
the food event: an annual gathering of culinary geniuses that gives us foodies
a hefty price break once a year as we give back to charity.  No Groupon’s needed for these deals. I hear angels singing and the steaks sizzling. The anticipation is killing me.

Reservations made before dinner companions are even chosen. Oh restaurant week, the stuff that dreams are made of. These three weeks of dinning bliss in August and September where Dallas and Fort Worth top restaurants offer a delightfully, tantalizing, three –course dinners for a mere $35.  You can’t even purchase a tank of
gas at that price.

Although it’s been a tortures summer in Texas, these three weeks are worth getting out of your car and braving the smoldering heat. Although a few restaurants ended this special last weekend, about 25 DFW restaurants will continue this special through Labor Day to help raise money for the Lena Pope Home and the North Texas Food Bank.

The chefs also allow you to select between poultry, fish, and sometimes steak. Can we say Nick and Sam’s, Grace, and Central 214, the list goes on and on. Everyone wins!

Eating great food, check! Giving back to charity, check! And saving lots of dough, check, check! Try one or ten, who’s counting? Everyone has to eat, might as well eat steak.

Restaurant week ends next Sunday, September 4th. For a
complete list of participating restaurants visit


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