Paris Fashion Week Chanel Couture

Although we can’t all afford this luxury clothing line; I still adore Chanel Couture. The pieces are  classic, impeccably made, and should last a lifetime. A homage  was paid to Coco Chanel circa 1932 this week at Paris Fashion week.   Chanel Couture is expensive and not in every working girls budget, however Chanel often sets the trends for other designers.

The show titled ” New Vintage” produced the reworking of  Chanel’s classics in a way that  showcased the extraordinary handwork  of the house’s ateliers. “My own suits from 30 years ago, you can buy them like vintage now,” Lagerfeld said. “‘New Vintage’ is a proposition for something that could last — at least I hope so,” he said. “This is the same attitude, the same spirit, the same name, same concept — but something for our time. Vintage — but it’s not vintage yet.

Last year the collection focused on the color blue this year the palette of storm-cloud grays  and  dreamy sugar pinks were showcased. Karl showed classic Chanel suits and coat-dresses with their tops cut on the cross and their skirts on the bias giving them some movement.  The evening outfits made with  shreds of chiffon, tulle and laser-cut fabrics were used for exquisite patchwork effects. The evening looks reminded me of a starry fall night in Paris . Pewter stockings, platinum shoes, and black velvet gypsy-tiered dresses added some drama to the show.  Here are some of my favorite looks for fall I hope you enjoy the collection. Look out Monday for another giveaway. Have a stylish and safe weekend.  Photos from

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